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We don’t just look to invest in properties, we invest in communities. Over the years, we’ve enhanced blighted areas and turned them into celebrated spaces communities can be proud of. In the growing neighborhood of Adams Point in Oakland, we turned a neglected pair of shipping containers into an award-winning coffee café and organic juice and food store. In downtown San Diego, we fostered the development of the visionary Makers Quarter in East Village, a new cultural hub designed to attract the millennial talent required to sustain San Diego’s future workforce. We’ve also helped restore historic landmarks such as the iconic iMagnin building in Oakland and storied Coliseum boxing arena in San Diego.

With over 50 properties in Northern and Southern California and assets totaling almost $1 billion, HPI has a strong-track record of success. From San Diego to Oakland, HPI’s dynamic portfolio includes establishing the swanky Sophia Hotel on West Broadway, acquiring the much-sought after Legend Building behind the stands at San Diego’s iconic Petco Park and the “jewelbox” of Downtown Oakland at 1635 Broadway.

HPI provides investors with a variety of options for investment. We manage a balanced portfolio across retail, multi-family, land development and office assets. We also add more flexibility and opportunities for investors by working with a range of partners. This includes partners with leading, prominent institutional firms in other major markets across the country, which allows us to scale into larger deals in larger markets.

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