A Neighborhood DeVelopment Success Story

HPI Project

Makers Quarter


San Diego, CA

Recognizing the need for an innovative space that supports a new employment hub in Downtown San Diego, HP Investors (HPI) joined developers Lankford & Associates and Hensel Phelps in 2014 to develop the Makers Quarter project in East Village. On the northeastern edge of Downtown and adjacent to Balboa Park, Makers Quarter was once an empty lot of land left out of the boom and rebirth of Downtown San Diego. Today, the five-block area supports a growing urban neighborhood of shops, businesses, restaurants and other community elements.  Led by HPI’s commercial real estate experience and ability to execute and manage business plans, Makers Quarter today offers Downtown San Diego a creative environment and cultural hub that attracts the talented millennial workforce required to sustain and strengthen San Diego’s economy.

Makers Quarter Block C

Makers Quarter Block D

Punchbowl Social